Stepping Stone Staffing, LLC

Serving North Carolina's Triangle Area and Beyond


  • Acquire the best talent at the most competitive contract rates
  • Save time and money by allowing us to locate and screen candidates
  • Find people with skills and experience quicker
  • Increase productivity while reducing overtime
  • Benefit from dealing with a locally owned and operated agency

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Our services:


Stepping Stone Staffing can provide flexible staffing during peak periods, vacations/holidays, short-term projects and one-time-only jobs. Also, since we're not your typical big box agency, we can pay our temporary employees a higher, more competitive wage, which in turn equates to better qualified, better performing employees for you!


Increase hiring/retention success by evaluating our employees on the job to determine if they have the skills and work ethic to fit into your organization before making an offer.

Contract Staffing

Find the right people quickly and cost-effectively. With access to the best talent in the Triangle, Stepping Stone Staffing can quickly and accurately fill even the most challenging positions.


You select the temporary employees you wish to add to our payroll; we manage the administrative details and take on all employment risks. You’re free to focus on your business goals. Also, find out how to provide your staff with the same affordable health and dental plans we offer our own employees.

Executive search

Need to fill a key executive or management role? Let Stepping Stone Staffing provide highly qualified leaders with a proven record of success.